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My art work is  an unusual technique of combining contemporary art with traditional stained glass concepts. Frank Lloyd Wright used the term “organic architecture” in which he designed his structures -- as if they emerged from their surroundings. His windows also framed nature using the natural scenery outside along with his geometric window design. I have adopted a similar theory.  Nature has always been the subject of my pieces. Whether symbolized or implied, natural components are always present. I believe nature provides the most intriguing design elements through form, structure and color. I try to interpret what I see and feel in this most captivating medium of glass.     

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The lead lines in my windows are not just to support the glass but are incorporated as part  of the design as well. The harmony between line and light becomes very evident against the lighted sky. But this is not a limiting factor. During the day, stained glass windows come alive with brilliant colors, but as daylight changes so does the character of the stained glass. I take advantage of this quality with special features using textured glass, attention to color and finishing details to the lead solder, transforming my windows into my art expression.

I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I studied commercial art and illustration. I also earned a Master of Science in Education from the State University of New York. I have been a teacher for 25 years. Education is my passion. Working with children is like looking at stained glass in the brightest sunlight.  

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The arts are acts of intelligences. We are emotional beings. What better way to educate our emotions than through the arts. The arts bring  inspiration to the mind and spirit of every child. The arts provide a way to apply our imagination, thought and feelings through a variation of languages that illuminate life and all its wonder, happiness and pain.

...Now if I an advocate for the arts and a devoted teacher...(this is my web site after all!) The benefits of arts education is to provide children with higher order of thinking skills, problem solving skills and avenues for communication. Through artistic representation we share the constructs and concerns of being human. The arts are not just important, they are a central force. The arts are the evidence of our past from ancient civilizations to our present society.  


Yes, I have a passion for art and education. I have passed this message on to other art teachers and educators as a presenter at conferences and at art galleries displaying my work, at art shows to my customers...parent night and to innocent people in line at the grocery store.

I am committed to guiding our creative minds into a bold future.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Stained Glass Gallery - Studio Classes - Current Artists - About Denise